Lauren Terrarosa, School Nurse 
                                    Health Educator, Certified School Nurse

Contact Information: 

Lauren Terrarosa,, ext. 6004


Message from the School Nurse

The school nurse is currently in the school to identify and plan for the medical needs of the students when they enroll in the school and when there is in-person learning.  She maintains medical records and makes sure the children are compliant with the state guidelines for immunizations, physical exams and tuberculosis screening.  The guidelines and requirements have not changed since we started virtual learning. 

Infection control is especially important during these days of Covid and even when Covid was not a problem. The surveillance of everyone in the school is a group effort of many authorities. The NJ Board of Health, CDC and the Board of Education as well as the NJ Governor Murphy have created the guidelines that we follow as well as make the determination if the schools are open for in person learning or remain virtual for most. 

The health of all who enter the school starts with ourselves. If we do not feel well, have a temp of 100.4 or higher, sore throat, uncontrolled cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, severe headache, especially with a fever, we are mandated to stay home. People who come to the building sick are not allowed in the building or put into isolation room until they can leave. Cleaning in the school is a continual routine during the day done by the custodians. Everyone must wear a mask and keep  6 foot social distancing in mind. Hand washing is encouraged frequently and there are hand sanitizer stations around the school. 

Today we have a thermal sensor in the building to detect if the people have a temperature as well as a mask as they go through a scanner. A picture is taken and a report is made for administration for compliance. A police guard is by the front door to greet visitors and ensure compliance. Visitors are not allowed in the building. 

Please call the school for all absences and obtain a doctor’s note if possible if the child does need medical care.  Please communicate any health problems that your child or family members may have.  We are here to help if possible.

Preparations for learning begin at home especially for virtual learning.  Some suggestions may include giving your child a good nutritious breakfast before they start virtual school in the morning. Staying with the school routine hours is important. 

Participating in your child’s homework will promote bonding, academic success, and emotional security.  This is a great advantage for the children. If you feel you cannot help your child in their school work, talk to the teacher and suggestions will be made. 

Remember you are their best secret weapon for success! A good parent is always involved. Best of luck for a happy successful and healthy school year!