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Karen Julian, MS, RN, APN
Health Educator, Certified School Nurse         

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Message from the School Nurse

The school nurse is available in the school for the medical needs of the students and faculty.  She maintains medical records and makes sure the children are compliant with the state guidelines for immunizations, physical exams and tuberculosis screening.  Screenings are done throughout the year that include vision screenings for kindergarten, second, and fourth grades; hearing screenings from kindergarten to third grades, and height, weight, blood pressure and BMI on all of the grades. Referrals are made when necessary.

The school nurse can administer medications if a form is completed by a licensed medical health care provider and written consent is signed by the parent or legal guardian.  Medications are accepted if they are in their original container with the child’s name on it and the expiration date is current.

Infection control is another responsibility so the school nurse will survey and make determine if the children are well enough to stay in school.  It is the district policy to keep your children home if they do not feel well, have had a fever within the past 24 hours without medication, have an undiagnosed rash, have been vomiting that morning or the previous night, have diarrhea, or any kind of disabling pain.   Children with excessive coughing, runny nose, chest congestion, sore throat, and nausea are encouraged to stay home.

Please call the school for all absences and obtain a doctor’s note if possible if the child does need medical care.  Please communicate any health problems that your child may have.  We are here to help if possible.

Preparations for learning begin at home.  Some suggestions may include giving your child a good nutritious breakfast before they come to school.  Bathing daily is encouraged to keep them clean and healthy. Daily washing of clothes, hair and skin is recommended.  Establish an early bedtime routine.  Provide a quiet environment with reading preceded by a warm bath. Discourage TV and video games before bed.  Dress appropriately for the weather. Wearing clothes in layers will help the child to take off or add clothes if the classroom is too hot or cold.  Flat closed shoes are appropriate for Physical Education.  Children who wear heels to school are at risk for falling and will not be allowed to take PE. 

Participating in your child’s homework will promote bonding, academic success, and emotional security.  This is a great advantage for the children. If you feel you cannot help your child in their school work, talk to the teacher and suggestions will be made.